It might be simpler than ever to interact with people in today’s technology-driven society. However, with the click of a button or two, you may easily stop someone from speaking with you. Whether you text someone and don’t hear back, you might be wondering if this has occurred to you.

We’ve all been there: you know you’ve dialed the correct number, yet your calls and texts go unanswered. It’s conceivable that they’re busy, that their phone is dead, that they’re on vacation, that they don’t have service, or that they’re doing something else. But there could be possibilities that your number could be on the block list.

So, how to know if someone has blocked your number? If you are wondering how to know if someone blocked your number, then we got your back through this article. You will get to know whether someone has blocked your number or not through this informative guide. Sit straight, and go through the entire points that we have compiled for you.

First Things First: How Does Call Blocking Work?

how to know if someone has blocked your number

How Does Call Blocking Work?

There is a special procedure that is started when you utilize call blocking. The network receives notifications from your phone, landline, or mobile phone that calls from a certain number are to be stopped. As a result, the caller will place their call, it will travel through the network, arrive at the exchange that will deliver the call to your property, and it will be terminated there. The block is put on the handset of a cell phone. 

The call passes via the network and is sent to your mobile phone, but it is not answered. The guest is promptly sent a phone message.  This is done in the background so you, the client, are uninformed that a call has been associated and denied.  It’s tough to detect whether you’ve been blocked since the call gets diverted to voicemail. You won’t see any obvious signs that you’ve been stopped.

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How do you know if Someone Blocked your Number

how to know if someone has blocked your number

Blocked Your Number On iPhone

There are a few ways to figure out whether your phone number has been blacklisted. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, we’ll tell you the best way to know whether somebody has blocked your number. Take a gander at your messaging application, which is very likely iMessage. At the point when you communicate something specific, you will surely get a sent affirmation when it has been conveyed.

Giving that individual a call is another way to find out if they have blocked your number. If you call a certain number and it instantly goes to voicemail, or if you receive a bizarre message like “temporarily out of service” or “the individual is not taking calls,” your phone number may have been blocked. This was how to know if someone blocked your number iMessage. This was how do you know if someone blocked your number

How to Tell if Someone Blocked your Number on Android

how to know if someone has blocked your number

Blocked Your Number On Android

If you or the person you’re messaging owns an Android phone, things get much more complicated. Messaging on Android telephones does exclude the “conveyed” message, while messaging on an iPhone does exclude the “conveyed” notice. Anyway, with an Android telephone, how might you know whether somebody has hindered your number from getting messages? 

Your SMS messages will go through regularly if an Android client has impeded you they will simply not be shipped off the Android client. It’s like an iPhone, however without the conveyed notice (or scarcity in that department) to tell you to continue. Calling to see whether you’ve been impeded by an Android client is the easiest strategy to discover. 

Tune in for it to be diverted to a voice message or play you a pre-recorded message, similar to an iPhone. This doesn’t generally suggest that the individual has hindered your telephone number, your call may be shipped off voice message for an assortment of reasons. 

In any case, if this happens as often as possible and you have radio quietness from the two calls and messages, you might have been hindered. If you’re worried about getting obstructed, you ought to stay away from the accompanying unpleasant messaging practices.

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Tips For How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

Here are a few tips to know if someone blocked your number:

  • Check Voicemail

how to know if someone has blocked your number

Check Voicemail

You won’t get any form of indication if you call someone who has blocked your number. The ringtone/voicemail pattern, on the other hand, will not work normally. When you call an unblocked number, you’ll hear three to a dozen rings before getting a voicemail prompt. If the person’s phone is turned off or if he or she is currently on the phone, you’ll be directed to voicemail.

A blocked number functions in a unique way. You’ll get one ring before being sent to voicemail. You can leave a voicemail, but it will not be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. Instead, voicemails from blacklisted numbers are stored in a different folder. You’re probably not blocked if you get a lot of rings or go straight to voicemail. 

You are most likely if you hear one ring followed by a voicemail prompt. Another thing to be aware of is a taped message stating that the phone number is “unavailable.” The precise message depends on the recipient’s cellphone carrier, but if a phone number is unavailable especially if other phones may call it, then it’s almost probably blocked.

  • Send A Text Message

Although it’s a more reliable way for iOS than it is for Android, text messages might give some hints about whether or not someone has blocked you. After you send a text message on iOS, you’ll often receive one of two notifications: “Delivered” or “Read.” The first indicates that your text message was sent, but the receiver has not yet read it. 

The second is self-evident. If someone has blocked you, though, you will not receive either notification. Instead, a blank space will appear beneath your content. It’s important to note that being blocked isn’t the only reason you aren’t receiving notifications. If a user’s phone is set to Do Not Disturb mode, you won’t receive any notifications until he or she turns it off. 

If you haven’t seen anything after a few days, you may want to consider blocking the most probable cause. However, if you and/or your intended receiver use Android phones, the process will be considerably more difficult. Some Android phones have this feature, while others do not. Some message receipts are compatible with iOS, while others aren’t. 

If you have an Android phone, the best thing you can do is send a text and hope for a response. This is how to know if someone blocked your number without calling.

  • Call From Another Phone

how to know if someone has blocked your number

Call From Another Phone

Sometimes the simplest approach is the most effective. Try phoning the person’s number from a different phone if you suspect you’ve been blocked. It doesn’t matter if you use your work phone or borrow a friend’s phone. The idea is that if you can’t reach someone on your phone but can on another phone, you’ve most likely been blocked.

Consider the following sequence: Choose a time when the person you’re phoning is likely to be available. Make a phone call. Wait and see what happens. Then make a call on another phone right away. Remember that you don’t have to call the individual, all you need to do is watch how long it takes to go to voicemail.

The best-case scenario is that you will be able to speak with the person and learn why they refuse to take your calls. Worst case scenario: you’ll be stuck wondering whether or not you’ve been blocked for the rest of your life. When you come right down to it, it’s not the worst mystery in the world. 

The final consequence is the same whether someone is screening your calls endlessly or has blocked you outright: they don’t want to talk to you. It’s typically preferable to respect that and try again in a few months to see if things have settled down. This is a great method for how to know if someone blocked your phone number.

  • Withhold Your Number

How to know if someone has blocked your number

The number is blocked from caller ID if you dial *67 from a US phone. The number travels through the network normally, but it is held back at the last cell tower. This permits billing but prevents the calling person from seeing your phone number. The block will be delivered normally because it is on the cell phone rather than the network. 

Withholding your phone number from the caller id system is one way to see whether your number has been blocked. There are call-blocking applications that can go around this, however, for an OS block, the call should be delivered normally. When employing this method, keep in mind that some individuals immediately disregard withheld or private numbers, so keep that in mind.

Confirm The Block After Learning How To Know If Someone has Blocked Your Number
how to know if someone has blocked your number

Someone Blocked Your Number

There are a few methods to detect whether someone has blocked your phone number, including strange messages and how quickly your call goes to voicemail. Because detecting whether or not you’ve been blocked isn’t always easy, the best approach to find out is to ask the individual directly.  Whether you can’t or don’t want to do that, we have included some methods for how to know if someone blocked your number. We hope these tips help you!