Indian YouTuber Sourav Joshi is well-known for the vlogs on his Sourav Joshi Vlogs account. In Haldwani, Uttarakhand, Sourav Joshi was born on Friday, September 8, 2000 (he will be 23 years old in 2023). He belongs to the Virgo horoscope. He was born in Almora, Uttarakhand. To earn a bachelor’s in fine arts, he went to a college in Hansi, Haryana.

Physical Appearance
Height (approx.): 5′ 5″ 
Hair Colour:  Black 
Eye Colour: Black

Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi Family

Harinder Joshi and Hema Joshi were Sourav’s parents, and he was raised in a Brahmin household. He was raised alongside Sahil and Piyush Joshi, his two siblings. In his YouTube vlogs, he claims to not have any relatives.


He follows Hinduism.

Sourav Joshi Career Youtube

When Sourav was in class twelve, he first began his YouTube career. He created the YouTube channel Sourav Joshi Arts and uploaded videos of himself drawing on it. For his “Sourav Joshi Arts” show, he received the YouTube Silver Play Button in 2018.

He launched Sourav Joshi vlogs, a new YouTube account, in 2019. How I draw Ms. Dhoni was the subject of his first video on the channel, which was a drawing tutorial. For the vlogs he made during the first round of Covid-19, he amassed a sizable following. To promote the beauty and culture of his hometown, Uttrakhand, he posts a variety of videos. He created 365 recordings for 365 days while the school was under lockdown. He discussed these vlogs in a conversation and said,

Everything still seems miraculous and surreal to me. I was very disappointed when my vlogs channel initially failed to live up to my hopes. But it was interesting to find out that people adored and valued my 365-day challenge vlogs, which simply showcased my daily activities. I started this campaign to offer a glimpse into the Pahari way of life because I have spent my entire existence in the hills. My life was changed by this specific concept or program. I’m so appreciative to my fans for accepting me for who I really am. I can honestly be myself on YouTube by showcasing my family, my hometown, and my unfiltered life.”

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Sourav Joshi Net Worth

With earnings of about $20 million from his YouTube Channels and endorsements from his two YouTube Channels Sourav Joshi Vlogs video, Sourav Joshi’s net worth is assessed to be $2.6 million. Because one of his YouTube channels has more than 10 million followers, he makes more money than he anticipated. In addition, he gets paid for endorsements, partnerships, promotions, and advertisements.

sourav joshi

Sourav Joshi’s Music Videos

He made an appearance in the 2021 music video Mauja. In songs like “Fati Jeans” (2021), “Pakki Wali Dosti” (2022), “Tera Ho Raha Hoon” (2022), “Pyaari Teri Yaari” (2022), and “Manzoore Nazar,” he has made appearances (2022).

Sourav Joshi’s Youtube channel Controversy

When the YouTube user known as “Neon Man” uploaded a video on his channel accusing Sourav of acting impolitely towards his followers in 2022, controversy erupted around Sourav. Neon Man uploaded the video to his channel after seeing one by a vlogger going by the name of “Gora Vlogger,” in which Gora claimed that Sourav did not welcome him warmly when he went to meet him outside of his house. On the video that Neon uploaded, Sourav left a comment, accusing him of fabricating details and trying to discredit him. Evidently, when Sourav approached Gora Vlogger, he pretended to be bringing his mother to the dentist.

Sourav Joshi Bike Collection

He owns a KTM bike.

Sourav Joshi Car Collection
  • Fortuner
  • Innova
  • Thar

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Sourav joshi

who is Sourav Joshi

  • As a young boy, Sourav’s father moved to Haryana and began working as a woodworker. His father admitted in an interview that he used to make a pittance and could only provide for his family’s most basic requirements. He continued by saying that after Sourav began receiving income from his channel, his family’s financial situation altered.
  • In 2020, Sourav worked hard to obtain a golden play button from YouTube, but in a vlog in November of that year, he claimed that the button had been withheld from him because he had posted videos that were against community standards.
  • In 2021, he received an offer from OprahFx, a Delhi-based influencer marketing, and talent management firm, to manage and oversee his brand-building, brand partnerships, content strategy, online presence, and PR efforts. In an interview, he spoke about agreeing to the arrangement and said

“OpraahFx is one of the first influencer management and marketing companies in India, so I have no doubt that the team will work with me to greatly increase the value of my business.

I am confident that the group under Pranav’s guidance will help me increase my channel, content, and income because OpraahFx has experience representing India’s top YouTube talent and developing successful branded campaigns. I’m eager to collaborate with this new group of kingmakers.”

  • He stated in an interview that he was upset and angry about how his followers treated him. He continued by saying that once his relative, who was eleven, was pushed aside because some fans wanted to take pictures with Sourav. Additionally, he claimed that because his supporters congregate outside his home, the complex’s management has sent him notifications and complaints. He continued, “In the conversation,
  • These crazy fan encounters, in my opinion, are more typical of smaller towns. The group may become overly ecstatic when a member of their area succeeds. That is not a problem, but the administration is required.
  • He participated in the ‘Unacademy One program that Unacademy hosted in September 2022.
  • On his right hand, he has a Tattoo.