You might be aware of transferable skills like project management, conflict resolution, change management, team management, etc. These are most often unique, digital, and soft skills which you can possess and become deployable and employable even in the long run. You can apply these skills in almost every function or department of the business. 

So, that makes you a star player on its own. However, today, let’s get into the depth of the importance of these skills to sharpen in the era of AI in HR. Read the post ahead if you’re an HR leader. This is going to help you ensure that you’re on the right track to upskill and reskill your current skill set and be the best version of yourself in the workplace. 

Top 6 Reasons to Learn Transferable Skills in 2024 (In the Era of AI)

Remain employable in the long run. 

Transferable skills are an asset to the employee or an HR leader to remain employable even in the era of AI and automation. These skills empower your human intelligence in terms of:

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Creativity & out-of-the-box mindset
  • Decision intelligence

So, when you harness the power of such skills, employers look up to you. They trust to derive necessary changes in the organisation and help the others outgrow their performances, even with the involvement of AI at scale. 

Be ready to learn new skills before the demand arises. 

You are ready to learn, consume, and implement new skills. That’s how malleable and eager your mindset is when you are focusing on sharpening your transferable skills. 

These skills help you to learn the standards and procedures of any domain. You can be the master or subject matter expert of multiple domains when you have the grit, determination, and consistency to do so. 

Such people are gems, literally. They are not easy to find. And these people can produce better business outcomes for leaner or smaller organisations. 

Ask for better pay with the skills that aren’t easy to replicate. 

When you know that your transferable skills are unmatched, unrivalled, and unparalleled, you can ask for competitive salaries and compensation. Finding a talent like you would not be easy or affordable for the organisation. 

So, the chances of you asking and getting a raise will be higher when you are possessing multiple transferable skills

These skills can redefine and restructure the trajectory of your professional growth when you are game for asking the right compensation for achieving feats like no one else. 

Also, organisations will be more willing to pay you the right compensation because it will be worth it. 

These organisations can check your productivity and performance graph back in the personalised dashboard. They will find how you are completing numerous projects at once with delighted outcomes. 

Convert data and insights into impactful actions. 

One of the reasons to focus on sharpening your transferable skills is that you get to be the mastermind behind strategic decisions in an organisation. You can change the way the culture and the workplace take a breath in the organisation by taking charge and directing the corrective action with your team members. 

You will be amongst the first ones to find the hidden patterns and trends and draw better analysis on the go. The HR, people, engagement, and content analytics can help you do that within seconds. 

So, you will be ready to take corrective measures for achieving common business goals with more grit and power. Organisations and management will trust your intelligence and decision-making skills when you show them the results within the stipulated time period. 

Leverage the availability of smart and AI-driven tools. 

You can leverage the multiple features of AI-driven HRMS software. The transferable skills give you a perspective and insight like no one else. You will know which department and team members can utilise the given tools and techniques better to increase their output. 

You will be more solution-oriented in the long run with these skills. So, the era of AI and other extensive and immersive functionalities or HR technologies would not scare you away. Rather, you can bring the excitement in the organisation to leverage, utilise, and reap off these tech tools for growing business results, unlike your competitors. 

Proactively complete tasks before the deadline to get more impact. 

Be a hard taskmaster when you hone your transferable skills. Let important and influential stakeholders count on you to deliver and execute projects within deadlines. This will improve your power, influence, and reputation within the firm. 

You can even leverage AI tools like AI Suggest, chatbots, HR calculator, or CV Parser to complete tasks beforehand. These tools allow you to hire and recruit new talent in bulk. Then, other tools help you to know your people’s process maturity levels and implant a better strategy without wasting time in researching the right information to begin with. 


This blog highlights six reasons for you to start learning new transferable skills this year. It does not matter if you are an HR generalist, leader, or manager; these skills will take you a long way in the organisation. You can literally be in a strategic role in your firm if you know how to resolve conflict, create boundaries, manage timelines, and deal with different types of people to drive better output at once. What’s crazy is that these skills don’t even need AI. The AI can do mechanical, redundant, or mathematical tasks when you take charge of strategic priorities efficiently.