When selecting a major playground, make sure that it offers safe play equipment. Consider also the cleanliness of the ground and any features of the site such as no tripping hazards or loose rocks or pieces of wood that could hurt children.

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A playground provides children with an environment in which they can play games, exercise and socialize safely while simultaneously learning about their environment – teaching problem solving techniques and perseverance as well as risk and reward concepts.

A quality playground will be large and offer multiple surfaces, creating choice in terms of play styles. These surfaces may include grass and sand. Furthermore, equipment like climbers and slides should also be present to offer some variety.

An interesting playground must offer features to keep children interested, such as painted pictures in corners and nooks, peep holes, unexpected sounds and handles or levers – these elements will keep children engaged with their surroundings and prevent boredom from setting in.

Recent research on major playground reconstruction in UK schools employed a quasi-experimental design with two control and five experimental groups. They found that while the intervention had no discernible impact on objectively assessed MVPA measures, it did result in reduced sedentary time among younger children which was replaced with increased light intensity activity.

Games offered

Playgrounds provide children with an engaging way to stimulate both their minds and bodies while simultaneously practicing teamwork skills that will come in handy throughout their lives.

Four Square is a highly entertaining playground game. To play, a circle large enough to hold all players comfortably must be created, with each person assigned an area in it where they must interact with members of their team – they give clues without outright speaking the word aloud before acting it out until someone guesses it correctly.

Spinning is another exciting playground game. Children enjoy feeling dizzy, and this activity helps develop their vestibular system – which controls movement coordination and body awareness. Children often spin around to explore new views, potentially helping them find more stable positions.