From Fireflies AI, fireflies. The Pleasanton, California-based AI company wants to make it simple to capture, summarize, and compile all team meetings in one location. Fireflies can record voice conversations during crucial sales calls, hiring interviews, or team gatherings.

Describe Fireflies AI Tool

An AI voice assistant named Fireflies assists with transcription, note-taking, and task completion during meetings. Its AI assistant, Fred, works with business tools like Slack and Salesforce as well as the top web conferencing platforms in the world, including Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Integrations

Dropbox, OneDriveBox, Zapier, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex App, GoTo Meeting,, HubSpot CRM, Slack, Zendesk, SellPipedrive, Skype, Zoho CRM, BlueJeans Meetings, Dialpad Ai Meetings, Close CRM, Freshworks CRM, Copper, Salesflare, Salesloft, Outreach, Aircall, RingCentral Contact Center, Google Calendar, Calendly, Asana, Trello 

Fireflies AI

What is’s Process?

A tool called Fireflies is used to capture and automatically transcribe meetings on a variety of platforms, including GMeet, Zoom, MS Teams, etc. You can review these recordings at a later time to identify any topics you might have missed or that you want to revisit. In order to save you from having to watch the complete meeting again, Fireflies also offers automated meeting summaries. 

You can quickly navigate to particular meeting parts using the search tool. The watch face can also be changed to 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x. You can use comments and responses to have a later team discussion about the conference. Additionally, cutting-edge AI assists you in analyzing meetings to find details that you might miss by simply perusing your notes. 

The ‘Use Case’ of Fireflies distinguishes it. Depending on the type of meetings you attend, Use Case gives you the option to choose from a variety of options. These modes vary from Education, where you can take notes, to Sales, where you concentrate on what your customers want. AI concentrates on the key elements of each mode, increasing the effectiveness of meetings, depending on the mode you chose from Sales, Consulting, Management, Engineering, Education, Marketing, Recruiting, Education, etc.

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How Accurate Is the Meeting Transcription by Fireflies AI Tool?

The transcription given for meetings, with the exception of a few words and pronunciations, is generally accurate. In most instances, punctuation and commas are also used with remarkable accuracy. 

You could easily comprehend the text if you were in attendance and wanted to review some details or the entire meeting again. However, a person who wasn’t present during the conference might need some assistance understanding it.

Fireflies AI

What Is the Fireflies AI Recording Quality?

The AI recording function of Fireflies is superb. Even though the transcription sometimes needs to be more precise, the recording function is always reliable. Automatic recording and transcription of meetings are done. The videos are of a high caliber and are added to the account once they are finished. Additionally, automatic video and audio captures are made, which you can use to review the meeting afterward.

How safe is Fireflies AI Tool?

When your meetings are recorded, security becomes a top concern. In contrast, Fireflies receives a perfect score for user protection and privacy. By strictly adhering to the guidelines, they guarantee data security and confidentiality at all times. End-to-end encryption is used to protect your data, which includes calendar events, emails, and user preferences. The moment you delete an appointment from your account, it is irretrievably lost in their database. 

What Are the Prices for Fireflies AI Tool?

Depending on the elements you want to use, Fireflies’ price varies. There are 4 distinct designs available. The designs’ specifications are as follows:

Free Program

For those who just starting started with Fireflies who want to try out the tool, they provide their services gratis. These services offer a variety of features, such as meeting recordings, transcriptions, and remarks. However, the free package does not include unlimited services. The account only has 800 minutes of storage, and there are only so many transcription points available. The free plan also only allows 3 public channels.

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Pro Plan

For individuals and small teams, the Pro plan, beginning at $10/month, is the best option. 

The plan also includes integrations with CRM, Zapier, Slack, keywords & subject tracking, unlimited public channels, and other tools. The Pro Plan also includes 8000 minutes of storage and limitless transcription credits.

Fireflies AI

Business Plan 

For teams and companies with rapid growth, there is the Business plan, which starts at $19 per month. In addition to all of the features of the pro plan, it offers limitless transcription credits and storage. Premium AI summaries, team insights (for administrators), conversation intelligence, API access, priority support, etc. are some additional benefits of business plans.

Enterprises Plan

For businesses, teams, and companies with more than 50 employees, this Enterprise Bundle plan is appropriate. This plan’s pricing is specific and can only be paid for yearly. If you’re interested in their Enterprise plan, get in touch with the Fireflies staff. The Enterprise plan also offers custom speech models, tiered discounts, a personal account manager, and other benefits.