Being on social media is a need of time. Staying online and doing the task on social media means sharing a lot of information online whether the user wants to or doesn’t have to share it with the social media platform Instagram. is an online tool that allows users to view, and download images, stories, and reels without sharing data to the main domain. It allows users to browse Instagram anonymously apart from this, it also has some own unique features. It keeps user’s data completely safe from Instagram servers. 


It is a very common and highly asked question What is pixwox? So Pixwox is an online tool website that allows users to surf Instagram without sharing any information cryptography, that keeps users’ data completely private. 

However, some other applications and online tools are available on the internet but does not keep any data of the user on its servers as well and it does not share the user’s data to third-party vendors. If one is browsing Instagram through pixwox com their data will be completely safe and their accessibility on Instagram will not be visible to the second user. 

Moreover, if a user is visiting profile pictures, and feeds so user’s availability will remain anonymous. 

How does Pixwox work?

If a user wants to use this tool they have to follow below mentioned steps.

  • Firstly search on the search engine.
  • Click on the website link. Users will be able to see a simple and clear user interface.
  • Simply users have to write the name of the user’s profile which they wish to visit and download the content from their profile. 
  • Then user has to select the option of “GO” either the user wants to view the content or download the content.  
  • It will take a few seconds to generate a connection and show the entire profile of the user including pictures, reels, stories, and IGTV.
  • Now users have complete access to browse the content and download the content from their profile. 
  • For downloading purposes, users have to select the content and simply click on download. 

Famous Hashtags of pixwox also suggest some hashtag to get interesting and quality content as per user’s preferences. There are some famous hashtags that are suggested by that the updated frequently. Some are mentioned below. 

  1. Life
  2. Nature
  3. Life 
  4. Movie
  5. Sport
  6. Music
  7. Happy
  8. Cool
  9. Style 
  10. Model
  11. Travel
  12. Food
  13. Fashion 
  14. Art

Why do users prefer Pixwox? 

Most of the users want their data safe but very few know this tool. Pixwox has some extra advantages that make it different and unique from other tools.

  • Pixwox provides a simple and smooth interface and users do not have to install any additional software for it, and they do not have to register an account. 
  • Users can enjoy Instagram content and download pictures videos etc. in high quality. It doesn’t decrease the content quality.
  • It provides a one-touch download feature for downloading content that makes it easy and accessible 
  • Pixwox does not require any specific browser or device requirement users can use it in any browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. 
  • It also provides completely encrypted security that keeps the user’s data safe from the main domain. With regular security updates, it keeps itself on track of recent online security threats. 

Special Features of

  1. It does not ask for an Instagram account. Yes, If a user wants to visit anyone’s profile and doesn’t have an insta account. No problem, just go to the website and start browsing.
  2. It is completely anonymous browsing. It keeps the user’s presence on Instagram and their activity history completely anonymous. 
  3. Pixwox has very attractive features like it provides completely protected privacy. No search history, No ads, No tracker cookies. User’s data is encrypted on the servers so users can be sure that their data will keep secure. 
  4. There are no ads or tackers so users do not think about any popups, ads, or any sort of trackers while browsing on the website. 

Alternatives of

There are many websites that are working on the same concept and providing features that are similar to Pixwox however they are not better than it. Like,, Picbear, Pictame,, etc. 

Review of Pixwox

This website keeps its identity hidden from the internet. Most of the owners do not prefer to publicize their identity due to various reasons. is one of them.

A sufficient number of users are available on this website as compared to other similar websites it is proven that the features and privacy that pixwox is providing it is enough to fulfill the requirement of the users. 

Is it legal to use pixwox?

As per the privacy policy of the internet, technically it is illegal to see somebody’s content without information. The features of Instagram show the footfall to the user on the Instagram application. Pixcwox hides that information technically it is one sort of spy activity that is prohibited as per ethical norms. However, pixwox keeps their user information safe but it shows Instagram user’s information open.

Is Pixwox a popular website?

Pixwox is a completely anonymous website but as per some research on alternative Instagram tools in 2022. This is most favorite website for many people. 


Pixwox is a web-based tool that allows its users to browse Instagram content without having an account. It also hides the identity of the users from servers or it does not share the data of the users from Instagram as well as any third-party applications or websites. This website is completely free for users meaning users don’t have to pay to use its features. It don’t ask to create any account user can use Instagram and browse Instagram content anonymously.

It also allows the downloading of Instagram content on the user’s device which is not possible on the official application of Instagram. However, it keeps encrypting the information and identity of its users but it is an exploitation of the privacy policy of Instagram. The traffic on this website is quite significant proving that internet users love to use this web-based tool.