Instagram is one of the most exciting social media apps with millions of subscribers. There’re so many features available on Instagram that never let you get bored and make you laugh. But due to some issues, it may keep crashing. Sometimes problems emerge from the server side of Instagram but the chances are minimal. If you’ve an outdated or corrupt app then your Instagram crashes immediately after opening. Let’s discuss Instagram crashing in detail:

Overview of Instagram Crashing:

  • People face this issue only after updating the Instagram app. This is due to an error occurring in the device’s operating system. Due to this error when the user wishes to open Instagram, it crashes immediately. Sometimes, the error occurs while performing important app functions like taking a selfie or watching an Instagram video. 
  • Both Android & iPhone users have to face this problem. If any user is searching the Instagram app through a laptop/desktop then they may also have to face a similar error. In spite of these problems, people still find Instagram a useful social media app. It is now a viable place for advertising or selling a product or service. 
  • The reason is its towering popularity among people of all ages. For educators, this app helps in maximizing their annual revenue by manifold. There are some reasons behind Instagram crashing that a user confronts while using the app. People consider Instagram a good social media app though it has some issues. This app for teachers assists them in increasing their annual revenue by many folds.

Reasons for Instagram Crashing

There’re various reasons that are responsible for Instagram crashing. People who use this app regularly have to face it while doing some activities. Let us discuss some important reasons for Instagram crashing below:

  • Outdated Instagram App: An outdated mobile app limits its users from accessing some of the latest exciting features of the Instagram app. But after updating it from Play Store, you’ll face an unexpected Instagram crash.
  • Missing OS Permissions to Instagram App: It is important to get permission from the OS to perform a task for the Instagram app to function properly. For smooth operation of Insta app, access to device resources is important. Otherwise, the app may terminate suddenly and crash.
  • Interruptions from Security Products: The reason for the Instagram crashing may be the security product of your mobile. If you’ve installed some security products on your phone, it will definitely limit Instagram’s access to its important online resources. For example, these products are like an antivirus, Wi-Fi network, etc.
  • Incorrect/Corrupt Installation of Instagram App: People have to face a lot of problems and sometimes the Insta app crashes. It crashes just after installation on Android mobile due to some corrupt installation code. The app is struggling to access or execute its critical code modules due to corruption.
  • Corrupt OS of the Phone: Corrupt OS of mobile phones can also be a reason behind Instagram crashing. For any reason, if your mobile phone’s operating system becomes corrupt, it’ll limit Instagram’s accessibility & crash.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing?

1. Restart Your Smartphone

This is a simple technique to resolve the Instagram crashing problem on your mobile phone. You just need to restart your phone. This simple action is so effective when it keeps stopping the Insta app on mobile. Just remember to switch it on after a minute. Now you’ll see 2 options on the screen; Restart & power off. This trick looks easy but can do wonders in resetting any glitches in the system as well as fixing lag problems on your mobile phone.

2. Force Stop & Restart Instagram App

This could be added as one of the fastest ways to fix the crashing issue of Instagram. In order to correct this you are required to go to the options of settings as well as open apps. Then select Instagram from the apps listing and click on the Force Stop button. Now relaunch it by entering your login credentials to continue the session.

3. Uninstall and Re-install Instagram

In this trick, you’ve to uninstall your Instagram app & re-install it after clearing the cache files of the mobile. It’s just like restarting your phone. This technique will refresh your device from any errors in the software. Updating any Android app has numerous benefits. For instance, new app versions often come with improved bug fixes. This will also fix some technical glitches in your mobile. After installing it you’ll have a fresh version of the app.

4. Check Device Storage of Your Mobile

Your device’s storage can also cause Instagram crashing problems. So, it is important to make sure that your device has enough storage. Insta app requires at least 15 percent free storage to work properly. To check the storage of the mobile, you’ve to go to the device settings & check the storage. If your device is full, you can free up some space by clearing the clutter and junk files on your mobile.

5. Clear Cache & Data of Instagram

This is also a very simple trick to free up mobile storage. Here you just have to clear all the data of the Instagram app. For this, you’ll have to go to the app settings & check the storage tab. You’ll then need to clear the cache option to start the process. This will erase all the data related to the Instagram app.


Engaging with others on the Instagram app is an exciting experience. Its tech team is continuously working on improving its wonderful features to enhance the virtual experience of its users. Although no app is perfect, Instagram also has some issues & technical glitches. Sometimes it faces the crashing problem which we’ve discussed above. We have also highlighted some easy ways to fix Instagram crashing problems on Android mobile phones. This will also help you deal with other software malfunctions on the phone.