Poker is one of the widely played and popular card games that primarily requires you to win poker chips or money by either convincing your partner to fold their hands or having the best hands yourself. 

There are two best-discovered formats of playing poker which are as stated:

  1. Live Poker 
  2. Online Poker 

Live poker, also called Traditional Poker refers to playing poker in person whereas Online Poker refers to the concept of playing poker on the Internet. 

Through this article, you will get to know about the differences between both formats and it will help you to decide which one suits you the best.

Features of Online Poker 

There are a number of features of Online Poker, some of which are stated below-

  • Offers a number of variations- Online poker offers you a variety of poker games to choose from and play which includes Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and many more. 
  • Has a User-Friendly interface- The visuals and control options made in online poker gameplay are easily understandable and adaptable which users can easily navigate. 
  • Compatible to play- Online Poker websites are easily accessible on all types of devices whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 
  • Provides recorded stats- It also gives an insight into the player’s performance and history of the previous games played by the user. 
  • Online community and streaming feature- Some of the Online Poker platforms offer community-making features and help in interaction and improving the game. 

Stating The Differences- 

Live Poker Online Poker
Live Poker has some selected or limited variants in the game.Offers different variants of the game and gives flexibility to the player.
Players need to be physically present at the location, casinos, or poker room. Players can access the game 24/7 from anywhere while being in their comfort zone.
It allows the player to physically read the opponent’s body language. It lacks face-to-face interaction between the players.
The physical card dealing and poker chips handling is slow and more of a leisurely pace. Playing online games is more of a faster pace and less downtime between hands.
It also has exposure to people with different skill levels but mostly experienced people try on their hands in Live Poker. It offers a chance to players with lower skills and they can play with other players of the same skill level.
Live Poker Platforms have casino staff on poker tables and surveillance cameras to ensure good security for the game. Online Poker offers advanced security measures to ensure fair and secure gameplay. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Poker-

1.    Is playing Online Poker legal? 

The legality of Online poker varies from region to region. In some places, it is legal and safe to play but, in some areas, it is considered to be illegal and has been restricted.

2.            Do online poker platforms offer real money?

Yes, online poker platforms do offer real money and genuine tournaments.   

3.            What types of variants of Poker are available in Online Poker? 

Such platforms offer a number of variants to choose from and play, mainly Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and more. 

4.            Does online Poker offer withdrawal of winning amounts?

Yes, players can withdraw their winnings by choosing their preferred withdrawal method and providing required details.