With the convenience of your smartphone, you can view dozens of movies and TV shows on the well-known on-demand platform vudu. All you need to start enjoying a tonne of high-quality audiovisual material is to have an account.

Given that the tool has numerous various categories and sections where you can find all of its content, Vudu’s well-designed interface makes it very easy for you to explore the catalog. Additionally, you can always further filter the material using the built-in search engine if necessary.

The straightforward but efficient Vudu player will play every film, television show, or another program in the best possible quality when you view it. Additionally, the platform offers you the choice to change various parameters, including language and subtitles, as is to be expected.

You can access this VoD platform from any smartphone or device by downloading Vudu for Android. You’ll have access to hundreds of videos in a matter of seconds, all of which are arranged to make it simple for you to discover what you’re looking for.


Spend money on the shows or films you want to view.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, etc. There are numerous platforms where users can subscribe for a monthly fee and view high-quality films and television shows. Some users, however, are constantly griping about having to pay in order to access the complete catalog, which always contains a tonne of content they’ll never get to watch.

With Vudu, users can access the complete catalog, decide what they want to watch, and only pay to view those items. This is a platform that operates slightly differently.

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Vudu app’s main characteristics

  • give us the option to buy or rent material on the platform.
  • includes hundreds of film and television series debuts. Total of more than 150 000 entries.
  • enables us to view content that we have downloaded or that we have purchased online when there is no Internet connection.
  • The system is cross-platform, allowing us to obtain the Android app as well as versions for PC and smart TV.
  • includes a library where we can view additional video files on our tablet or smartphone.
  • The Disc to Digital app makes it possible to convert physical movies into digital versions and watch them from the app.

Conditions and extra details:

  • Android 5.0 is the bare minimum operating system prerequisite.
  • has an in-app buy option

Gratis Android software provided by Vudu

A free Android app by Vudu called Vudu Movies & TV falls under the “Social & Communication” area and the “Blog” subcategory.

Information on Vudu Movies & Shows

A lot of Americans acquire this software.

Here are the top free Vudu videos to watch.

On the Vudu app, there are many films worth your time, but you will have to endure some advertisements.

On their smartphone, tablet, or big-screen TV, movie fans have access to a variety of current and classic films as well as the newest releases through Vudu. However, did you realize that you can watch free Vudu movies as well? You can watch or download thousands of movies from Vudu for the low cost of nothing. That’s fantastic news if you’re cooped up at home and want to save some money for your streaming amusement.

Vudu for the low cost of nothing. That’s fantastic news if you’re cooped up at home and want to save some money for your streaming amusement.

The drawback is that periodic ads will interfere with your ability to enjoy a movie. The feature films available on Vudu are full and uncut, in contrast to broadcast or the majority of basic cable TV showings. Even better, if you wind up enjoying the film, you can buy it on Vudu and watch it without any ads at all. What are the top free videos available on Vudu right now?

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Best free Vudu movies

  • The Wave

This 2015 Norwegian movie is a unique kind of catastrophe movie. These movies typically take place in a large metropolis. Although it’s a tiny town in this instance, the location is almost a mountain pass. In the film, that pass collapses, causing a nearby fjord to produce a huge tsunami that is over 260 feet high. This film features some amazing shots of a massive surge. Bear in mind that a situation like this could occur in Norway at some point. It’s undoubtedly among the top free Vudu videos available.

  • Terrifier

Is the murderer in this 2016 independent horror film, Art the Clown, the new Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers? As you view this free Vudu film, which features people being stalked by this eerie and strange threat, you can form your own opinions. You can now watch the original since a sequel was released in 2022 and it debuted in the top 10 at the box office with little to no advertising or press.

  • Night of the living dead

This is the ideal method to watch this 1968 horror classic if you’ve never done so. George Romero pretty much created the contemporary zombie film and television genre with this low-budget release.

It follows a young woman and her sibling as they visit their mother’s grave in a remote cemetery. However, a strange guy begins to assault them. The lady was able to get away and eventually entered an empty house. It quickly becomes apparent that there are many more crazy people on the run than just one. In actuality, the deceased are awakening.

  • Highlander

Here’s another fan favorite that is available for free on Vudu. Even though this film has had a number of sequels and two live-action TV show spin-offs, the 1986 original Highlander is still the finest.

A Scottish warrior who has been living for several hundred years is portrayed by Christopher Lambert. He has survived to the present day by engaging in head-to-head blade fights with other immortals. Lambert ultimately has to square off against the other surviving immortal, a very evil character portrayed by Clancy Brown, for control of a mysterious prize.

In addition, Sean Connery (who strangely portrays a Spaniard rather than a Scotsman) appears in this film, and Queen’s music is superb.

  • MI-5

This is an espionage thriller, not a Mission Impossible movie. This 2015 film, which is focused on the UK MI5 spy agency, is truly an extension of the cult favorite British TV show Spooks. Kit Harrington, an actor best known for his roles in Eternals and Game of Thrones, plays a terrorist who MI5 must work to apprehend before he launches an assault on London.

  • Stir of Echoes 

In this cult classic horror movie from 1989, Kevin Bacon delivers a fantastic performance. At a party, his sister-in-law asks him to be hypnotized into the role of a regular guy. Following that, he begins to have images of horrifying violent crimes. Additionally, he encounters the ghost of a missing woman who is believed to be deceased in the area. The same ghost then begins to appear to his son. What precisely is happening, then? You won’t be able to solve the mystery until the very conclusion.

  • Accident men

Scott Adkins, an actor and martial artist, appears in this 2018 film. He portrays an assassin whose claim to renown is that he always makes his killings appear to be unintentional. However, when his girlfriend is slain, things become more intimate. The “accident man” is now driven to find her murderers, and he has no intention of making them appear to be accidents this time.

  • Compliance 

This suspenseful 2012 film explores some very grim territory. As the manager of a quick food restaurant, it features Ann Dowd from The Handmaid’s Tale. She receives a call from a person posing as a police detective. He claims that one of her staff members took money from a client. Dowd’s character complies with the directions given by the caller on how to handle this alleged thief. But is she acting morally, and is the caller really who they say they are?

  • The Final Countdown 

One of the finest examples of a B-movie from that time period is this 1980 movie. Although it’s not precisely a huge blockbuster, the plot is interesting. The nuclear-powered USS Nimitz aircraft carrier patrolled the Pacific Ocean in 1980. Unexpectedly, a strange “storm” emerges and engulfs the ship and all of the passengers. The crew realizes they have been transported back in time to just before the 1941 Japanese assaults on Pearl Harbor when it finally fades away.

Does the Nimitz attempt to stop the attack from happening or does it try to remain out of the way of time? It’s entertaining to watch because it’s essentially a high-budget Twilight Zone show. One of the greatest free Vudu movies is this one.

  • Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

In this 2017 film, Dr. William Marston’s biography is dramatized. He invented the lie detector machine as we know it today, but he is far better recognized as the Wonder Woman writer and creator. The film demonstrates how his unconventional relationships with his wife and one of his former pupils affected his life.


Free videos on the Vudu app- commended

Here are a few more gratis Vudu films that weren’t included in our picks:

  • a kickboxer With this Jean – Claude Van Damme martial arts movie, get set for some enjoyable action movie fun from the 1980s.
  • When A Stranger Calls — This spooky 1979 thriller classic is where the entire “The calls are coming from inside the house” trope originated.
  • The cell is a Stephen King adaptation that revolves around a cell phone call that transforms whoever receives it into a zombie-like creature.
  • The Boondock Saints is a cult classic about two siblings who turn into murderous vigilantes in an effort to purge Boston of organized crime.
  • In the cult classic film Cube, seven characters are locked inside a succession of cube-shaped rooms that contain death traps that they must escape.

That concludes our selection of the top free Vudu movies available right now. As soon as new titles are released, we’ll update the catalog. Check out our ranking of the top free legal movie applications and websites in the interim; Vudu is on there