How to get rid of period cramps fast in bed: Midol, tea, and a heating pad for cramps are the best cures for cramps throughout the menstrual cycle, in my opinion. A heat compress may be a lifesaver for many women who suffer from menstrual cramps because it reduces the inflammation and turmoil that occurs in the lower abdomen. Heating pads for cramps may not help if you have illnesses like endometriosis, which may cause excruciating cramps, but even the mildest cramps might limit your ability to go about your everyday activities. A heating pad for cramps is an absolute must for anybody suffering from PMS in order to avoid this.

Why does heat help cramps?

This is due to the nature of how heat treatment works. According to 2018 research, increasing blood flow to your uterus is made easier by applying heat directly to the organ. So, as a consequence, you may feel some alleviation from discomfort in your muscles. In addition, taking a hot bath or using a hot compress as a patch may also be beneficial.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best heating pads for menstrual cramps to help you answer questions: how to get rid of heating pad burns, how does a pad work. It’s not only menstrual cramps that may benefit from a heating pad for cramps—they’re fantastic for any kind of muscular discomfort or stress (like an aching back).

The Best Heating Pad for Cramps

1. Electric Heating Pad, $30.00, MIGHTY BLUSH

Electric Heating Pad, $30.00, MIGHTY BLUSH

Do heating pads help cramps? When it comes to relieving unpleasant cramps and muscular strain, the Mighty Bliss heating pad for cramps has over 33,000 five-star ratings to back it up. As a first step, it warms up in a matter of seconds and produces a consistent stream of high heat for up to two hours before automatically shutting off. In addition, it’s created of an extremely fluffy fabric that’s big enough to cover your complete back muscles.

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2. Comfytemp a $27.00 heating pad


This Comfytemp heating pad for cramps is a great option if you like a wide range of temperature settings. Nine temperature options make it simple to choose the perfect temperature for you to relax your muscles and relieve your body. In addition, there are five pre-set timing settings for how long the pad remains on.

3. Electric Heating Pad — PureRelief XL (12″ x 24″) — $35.00


You may use this PureRelief period heating pad to get instant relief from period back pain ease your period discomfort or reduce stress in your lower back. It’s one of the most versatile and useful heating pads on the market because of its huge size. Simply wrap it over your tummy or shoulders and you’ll feel some comfort immediately. It also has six different heat settings, the hottest of which is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. UTK Natural Jade and Tourmaline Far Infrared Heating Pad — $139.00

UTK Natural Jade and Tourmaline Far Infrared Heating Pad

This heating pad’s distinctive feature is the way it delivers heat to the body. It is possible to utilise an infrared pad like this one to assist heat your skin from the inside out by using infrared light, which reaches deep into the layers of your skin and beyond. Jade and tourmaline stones, which are said to release negative ions and hence improve your body’s vitality, are included as an added benefit in this heating pad.

5. Electric Heating Pad for back pain— $31.00 BUEHUO Portable Electric Heating Pad

This Buehuo heating pad is a great addition to your self-care regimen if you’d rather not deal with a long cable or being tethered to an outlet all day. This heating pad, unlike many others, is powered by a battery back, allowing you to leave the gadget in place at your workplace, bed, or vehicle at all times.

6. An Extra Large Heating Pad from the Soothing Company Store costs $34.00.

The Soothing Company Store Extra Large Heating Pad for cramps ticks all the appropriate boxes when it comes to flexibility. You may use it to alleviate pain and discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and stomach, among other places. It’s as simple as putting it in the microwave and tying it around the area you desire. For up to 20 minutes at a time, the pad gives rapid heat to any part of your body that you choose.

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7. $21.00 for a HOMECH Electric Heating Pad

HOMECH Electric Heating Pad

There are six heat settings on the Homech Electric Heating Pad for cramps, and you can control them all using the included remote. It’s important to keep in mind that this gadget gets hot rapidly, so don’t fold it. It will no longer be able to deliver heat in that position after you do so.

8. 4-pound weighted body pad from WeightedWarmth

The best of all worlds: a weighted blanket plus a heating packs! Weighted blankets have been shown to have several health advantages, including reducing anxiety and making patients feel more comfortable. And this heating pad for cramps provides just that—and more. There are three heat settings that can be adjusted to suit your requirements, and it weighs in at little over seven pounds!

9. It costs $36.00 for the Banne 24″x12″ Electric Heating Pad

This Banne Electric Heating Pad for cramps is a popular choice among customers. This gadget, like others on the list, is intended to alleviate the discomfort associated with muscle cramps and other forms of bodily aches and pains. It has a simple controller that you may use to adjust the temperature. Three temperature settings and a 90-minute timer are included.

10. $65.00 for the Bedsure Weighted Heated Pad


Of course, we have yet another warm weighted blanket for you to enjoy. Well+Good is a firm believer in weighted blankets, and this heating menstrual pads may be the best. Additionally, the pad serves as a massager in addition to heating up and protecting your stomach from the cold. Microfiber polyester and glass beads are used to give the fabric its weight.

11. Rubber hot water bottle from Attmu for $13

Rubber hot water bottle from Attmu

Originally priced at $16, this item is now only $13.

Finally, for individuals who prefer not to use electric appliances, there are these Attu Rubber Hot Water Bottles. It’s as simple as filling the bottle with water and using it as an ice pack or hot compress to soothe your stomach. In addition, a knit replica of the bottle’s carrying case is included (aka, a tiny sweater, and what could be cuter?).

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Heating Pad Side Effects

The dangers of using heat are minor, but they should still be taken into consideration. Incorrect use of heat treatment goods and services has four well-known consequences:

Rash or burn on the skin

Contact burns may occur if a hot pack or heating pad is used for an extended period of time, or if an extremely hot heat source is applied to the skin without protection. 1 Erythema ab igne refers to a rash or burn that has a web-like appearance and is either red or black in color. While erythema ab igne often disappears once heat treatment is stopped, a biopsy may be required to detect precancerous cells. Saunas may cause unconsciousness due to excessive alcohol consumption or dehydration, which can lead to severe burns that deteriorate muscle tissue and raise the risk of kidney injury. 

Blood pressure is lowered

Blood pressure will reduce even after only one session of heat treatment. Those who often suffer from orthostatic hypotension (dizziness or lightheadedness when they stand) may find certain heat treatments challenging because of the quick drop in blood pressure.

Heart rate rises

To keep up with the increased blood flow to the hot region, the heart must work harder. When the heat therapy is withdrawn or discontinued, the heart rate will recover to normal levels. People with cardiac problems, such as arrhythmia, may be at risk from changes in heart rate during and after treatment.

Swelling and inflammation

Heat treatment should not be used as soon as possible after physical exertion, injury, or infection. If applied to injured or diseased tissues, heat will exacerbate pain and delay recovery. Heat Therapy’s possible side effect