What is Programming?

Code is an excellent way to educate youngsters problem solving, critical thinking, analytical abilities, and the scientific method. Furthermore, it is often believed to be one of the most important abilities to have in order to succeed in the long run. No matter if your child is interested in becoming a software engineer, an artist or a lawyer or even a magazine editor, these kids coding languages are an excellent place to get them started and excited about the world of coding. Want to learn the best programming language to learn? Check out our list of kids coding languages, prepared with the aid of John Wanamaker, the main RA Unity teacher at ID Tech Camps, in order from least difficult to most difficult.

Kids coding languages

At an early age, teaching your child how to code can set him or her up for a lifetime of success in the IT world. However, just like everything that piques one’s interest, it must be enjoyable!

Coding teaches students how to use a series of processes, actions, or instructions to arrive at a logical solution to a problem. Helps children learn to solve problems and the value of never giving up. When faced with hardship, it encourages people to think outside the box and come up with inventive solutions.

The notion of kids coding languages may be grasped by children more easily than adults. Visual stimuli are preferred by most children, hence graphical programming tools like Scratch, which employ pre-arranged blocks of coding, are preferable for novices.

As their self-confidence improves, children often move on to studying text-based programming languages and begin creating code instructions using words, acronyms, numbers, and symbols.

Making the correct choice for your child’s coding education

You should examine your child’s present interests when choosing a coding software, as this will typically affect the language chosen.

If your youngster has an interest in robotics, they might like to check out Luawebsite’s. They may, however, have an advantage if they’re really good at Minecraft. The most essential thing is to make coding interesting, whether you’re doing it for engineering, applications, 3D games, or website design.

Your child’s future might be bright if they learn to code. Learn why coding is so essential for children by reading our list of seven.

Beginners should stick to Python and Scratch, but if your child already shows an interest in coding, they may be ready to go on to more difficult languages like HTML and style sheet cascading style sheets (CSS).

Additionally, your youngster is under no obligation to use a single coding software. When your youngster has grasped the principles of one kids coding languages, they’ll find it simpler and faster to go on to the next.

It’s simple to teach coding to kids, especially if you make it fun and engaging for them. Our staff of “tech” mentors at FunTech can assist your child in learning the fundamentals of kids coding languages in a supportive, encouraging, and caring setting. Depending on your child’s interests, we offer a number of kids coding languages classes at our summer camps.

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To learn more about types of programming languages / the best kids coding languages

keep reading: 

1. Scrape

First programming language, Scratch, a visual programming language for children, provides a basic grounding in programming concepts. The appeal of Scratch is that, rather than using hard code, children may learn by building, dragging, and dropping visually appealing command blocks into a graphical environment.

Scratch makes it simple for youngsters to make games, interactive tales, animations, applications, and even sound effects. In addition, youngsters may draw inspiration from existing 2D games like Asteroids and Donkey Kong, all of which were made with Scratch.

Scratch may be downloaded for free from the official website and installed on any PC or Mac running Microsoft Windows or MacOS.

As a great tool for teaching kids how to code, Scratch is a breeze to learn. It’s one of the most kid-friendly programming languages.

It’s possible that your child may eventually be able to develop their own games, applications, and websites using text-based coding as they get older.

2. Python

Python- kids coding languages

Python for kids is another language that’s good for kids who want to learn computer programming for kids. Python is a programming language that is often considered to be one of the simplest to learn since it just takes a few lines of code to operate.

Some of our favorite social media services like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify were built using Python. Python is also commonly used by Google and Disney.

Python isn’t only for making games and web frameworks; it’s also in industries as diverse as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Because it is based on English and employs text-based commands, this approach to best coding for kids is particularly well-suited for young users. There is also a multitude of online materials available to help youngsters get started with the programme. Also, it’s simple to set up at your house. The only thing you need to do is go to the official Python website and download it.

Using Python, kids can write lines of code faster than other popular programming languages like Java, and they can construct their own games, animations, problem-solving exercises and websites as well as robots.

3. Java 

One of the most popular coding languages in the world, Java is also one of the most lucrative, with a typical Java developer earning over £60,000 per year.

As a result, Java is an ideal programming language for children to learn. In doing so, they gain a more complete picture of a code that is expected to evolve for many years to come.

If you don’t know it, your kids are probably using Java on a daily basis without your knowledge. Even more so if, like the other 75 million users, they’re huge fans of the game Minecraft. As with Twitter, Gmail was built in Java by Google. This is mostly due to Java’s inherent scalability and dependability.

The fact that video games and Android mobile apps are mostly built using Java makes it an appealing language for children. A statically typed language with many variables makes this more difficult to learn.

4. Lua


If your youngster or adolescent has an interest in video games or robotics, Lua is a terrific programming language for them to learn, even if it’s a little more complicated than a visual programming choice like those described above.

In fact, Lua developers invented the world-renowned Roblox game platform, and today, Adobe Photoshop, Warcraft, and Angry Birds all use Lua code.

If your child has explored the possibilities of other programming languages like Python but still needs a language that is simple to learn, Lua is an excellent choice.

For the most part, it’s a straightforward set of rules that can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

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5. C# is a computer language (used with Unity)


Students that are interested in working with Windows may choose to study this language because it is quite popular and widely utilized. If your youngster is already familiar with Java (see below), this might be a nice next step for them.

6. Children’s Intermediate Programming Languages Java (used in Minecraft)

If you’re an intermediate programmer who wants to improve your coding abilities, Java is the language for you. Java may be used to play games like Minecraft or to develop programmes, such as Minecraft. Java is a good choice for teenagers who want to study programming and are patient enough to put in the time to master the grammar of the language.

7. Web development with Javascript

Web development with Javascript

Students that are interested in web design and development can benefit greatly from learning this language. It is also the best coding language to learn. A 2D game may be made with this software.

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Kids coding languages: Scratch 3.0

Scratch is the easiest programming language for kids that teaches them the fundamentals of computer coding for kids from the ground up. In order to demonstrate to youngsters how exciting kids programming languages can be, it lets them drag and drop block codes to do interesting things such as create games and animations as well as develop apps.

Some of the greatest kids coding languages to learn are Scratch, Java, Python, and Lua. But how can you tell which programming language is best for your child to learn when each one has its own operating system, style, and intended purpose?

An instruction manual for parents on teaching their children to code.

What coding language should I learn? Kids coding languages are distinct from human languages in the first place. There are no dialects, alphabets, or vocabularies in this world. A programming language’s instructions and abbreviations are distinct from one another.

Scratch, Java, Python, and Lua are some of the most popular kids coding languages for youngsters today. Each kids coding languages has a distinct set of characteristics that we’ll go over in detail below.